TouchEm pour FiveM et RedM

TouchEm for FiveM & RedM

Number 1 macro software for quickly performing commands and animations on FiveM / RedM servers.

TouchEm is a software that improves the RP experience on GTA V / Red Dead Redemption 2 and facilitates in-game actions. This software is an overlay for FiveM and RedM. It allows you to do commands, animations, to change moods and walking styles very quickly. You can also configure keyboard shortcuts on these commands.

With TouchEm, you no longer need to buy a StreamDeck! With TouchEm, you will be able to configure commands with predefined and/or dynamic arguments that you use often and execute them in one finger snap! It is even possible to chain them together.

Example: /me Apply bandage to the patient. /911r ## Unit on the way! Please remain calm and do not move from your location! (Where ## is a dynamic argument, see tutorials.)


TouchEm offers many benefits when you're in-game.​


Saves you from spending hours searching for animations, commands and more.


Useful if you are for example: police, EMS, etc. Your frequently used commands (like predefined /me) are right at your fingertips.


Organize your commands and animations like you want with TouchEm’s simple and fast interface.


You can execute a series of commands and animations with the snap of your fingers. You can configure keyboard shortcuts on these commands. No need to type them by hand or pay a fortune for a StreamDeck.


Makes your gaming experience more enjoyable by allowing you to execute animations and commands effortlessly. Enjoy a smooth RolePlay experience.


Save the commands and animations you use most.

Satisfaction of our customers

Check out the feedback we've gotten from our happy customers.
I have been playing EMS on a server for over a year and I confirm that TouchEm allows me to have much more fluid and immersive scenes! -- Translated from French
Honestly, it's easier to find the controls and animations with TouchEm instead of wasting 5 minutes searching and finding the controls and animations you want. I can do my actions faster! With even more possibilities than I ever would have had with DpEmotes. -- Translated from French
I love TouchEm! I can not live without it! This software allows me to improve the quality of my RP! Thank you so much! -- Translated from French

Support and documentation

A support team, forums and documents are at your disposal.

Several forums are available to you. Share your profile templates, ask questions, take surveys, subscribe to announcements, discuss anything and everything, etc.

We have a knowledge base to help you. Tutorials, troubleshooting documents, etc.

Our support team is here to help you.

Servers where players use TouchEm

FiveM/RedM server administrator?

You are an administrator of an RP server and you would like to offer your community the possibility of using this software while reducing the resources of your server?

FiveM/RedM server administrators wishing to offer their community the possibility of using TouchEm optimally in their server with their own library must request it. This also allows your server to perform better since TouchEm could allow you to remove certain scripts.
*Note for FiveM: On the "Generic" server, facial moods only work if your server has the script tem_animations.
*Note for RedM: "Generic_RedM" only works if your server has the script tem_animations-rdr3.


We invite you to fill out a short 5-minute survey to help us with TouchEm statistics. This form is optional and totally impersonal! We thank those who fill out the form!


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